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Birthdate : November 10, 1989 (Scorpio)
Occupation : Professional Model and Entrepreneur
Nationality : USA
Ethnicity : Irish - Welsh - Native American
Height : 5' 4" (1.63 m)
Marital Status : Single
Weight : 110 lbs (50 kg)
Measurements : 36" - 23" - 36" (91 cm - 61 cm - 92 cm)
Bra Size : 34DD (75E Int.)
Body Type : Petite - Athletic - Slim - Curvy
Hair Color : Platinum Blonde
Eye Color : Blue
Skin Color : Caucasian - Tanned
Dress Size : 0/2
Shoe Size : 7.5
About Us Photograph

     Tara Babcock was born and raised in Seattle, WA. Growing up she was always the center of attention, using her natural energy and presence to earn her a spot as a head cheerleader. She channeled that pep and enthusiasm into her work, earning her good grades and allowing her to attend high school and college simultaneously, which resulted in an early start and credits toward a Personal Training Certification. Coming out of school, Tara knew she was destined for more than an average nine-to-five lifestyle, and instead decided to use her beauty and natural business sense to become a model.

     Tara Babcock sets a whole new standard in the glamour modeling industry with her unrivaled physical perfection, intense energy, and drive to be the best. A successful entrepreneur and master of marketing, Tara has done what most can only dream of: create her own name brand, all under the age of twenty! Tara is the epitome of the blonde bombshell. Her doll-like looks, big blue eyes, flowing platinum hair and curvaceous, yet fit physique makes her every manís dream; and her love of video games and heavy metal rock music sets her apart and puts stereotypes to rest. Taraís ever-youthful bounce combined with a maturity, professionalism, natural ability and intelligence far beyond her years, makes her a complete hit with every company or photographer she meets, and at the top of every list of those who have not.

     In just over a year, Tara Babcock has skyrocketed to the top as a premiere sex symbol and one of the most sought after glamour models in the industry. Tara has been featured in countless menís magazines, website interviews, television, and has traveled the United States working various promotions and events to further her brand. A triple threat, Tara is not only a model and business woman, but an experienced cosmetologist who does her own make up and styling for all shoots, conducting everything she does with the utmost perfectionism. Unlike many other models, Tara spends extra time connecting with her fans, making each one special with genuine courtesy and interest. She has been noted for offering advice about all kinds of things, including health and fitness, modeling, gaming, love and even sex. Along with the successful launch of her brand new website,, Tara has many other exciting projects underway, which will undoubtedly bring even more prestige to her modeling career, as well as any other avenue she pursues.

     With hundreds of career achievements, thousands of fans, and an established brand, Tara is just dipping her toes into a new business venture, the fitness industry, hoping to spread health and happiness even further by opening her own gym and personal training center. With Tara Babcock, "Perfection: No Longer an Opinion"!

"Recently I had the opportunity to shoot with Tara Babcock for a few sculptures I'll be working on in the coming months. I'd been aware of Tara's body of work for some time, and the types of shoots she chose to display in her portfolio meshed with the nature of my projects, so we scheduled a shoot together. As it turned out, another model I'd worked with before was also available so some of our shoots were done in tandem. I can only begin to describe the qualities that Tara brings to a shoot. Not only is she a joy to have on a shoot, she brings a professionalism that few models possess. She quickly understands what is required of her, then not only performs, she goes that extra mile and each shot seems to sing. Tara is also profoundly creative, and often times, while I'd be trying to figure out a clever pose or angle, she would have a suggestion that would make for the perfect shot. Her bubbly, can-do attitude is a delight to have on a set, and I can't wait for the opportunity to work with her again. Should you find yourself fortunate enough to work with her, I'm certain you'll agree that she ranks among the best models to work with today."
-TK Miller
TK Miller Sculptures

"When Tara first asked me to write this i kind of laughed, after all, just look at her, she is a living breathing doll. Who wouldn't want to work with her? More amazing was that i wanted her to start out plain Jane, wear dresses, be rather conventional, and still she wanted me to write this. But she did."

"So to tell the truth, she doesn't just look like a doll, she is a doll. No matter what dresses i asked her to put on she did. She was a lot of fun, and we actually made some pieces while we shot. It was more like play than work of any kind. I've shot with her twice and i could shoot her for days on end and never run out of ideas, and neither would she."

"When i first saw her port i wanted to work with her because she was just too perfect to really be that beautiful and like a magician i wanted to know the secret to the trick. The "trick" i learned is that she is far more beautiful than any pictures will ever capture. Genuinely warm and caring, she wants every shoot to be her best shoot, you can only benefit from her passion and My only complaint, selfish as it is: she lives so far away. But if you have the opportunity to work with her in any fashion, dont pass it up."
-John King

"When you think about what you hope for in a model the following things come to mind: Beautiful, sexy, great at posing, great expressions, great body, shows up, shows up on time, hard worker, great attitude, and professional. These are the same qualities that Tara Babcock posses. I have worked with Tara on three occasions and she has been and excellent model for every shoot. She gives 200 percent because she wants to be an icon in this industry and she is willing to do what it takes to make your session the best session you have ever done."

"When I first looked through the lens of my Nikon D3 and saw the posing ability and expressions I got from Tara Babcock I could not believe that I was photographing an 18 year old model. She was giving me material that I couldn't get from girls much older and with way more experienced. I knew right then that Tara would be a star in this industry. When I saw her drive and determination to be at the top I knew that I had the unique opportunity to watch a rising star. Since then she has worked with so many photographers I admire and she has produced some of the top images in the industry. "

"Raw talent. That is what comes to mind when thinking about Tara Babcock. That, and what a beautiful model. Driven. That is what she is. Sexy. That is what comes naturally to her. Desire. That is the emotion men get when they look at her images."

"If you want to be successful in the glamour photography business you need images from the top models. That gives your work the look you need to attract other models and paying customers. Working with someone like Tara Babcock can give you the images you need to launch your photography career."

"After shooting with Tara Babcock you will bask in the afterglow for days. You will think back and wonder why all of the models you work with can't be as good as Tara. I still just shake my head when I think about how great a model Tara is. "
-Alan Dyck
Close Encounters Photo

"Tara Babcock is a model who really caught my attention the second I looked at an image of her. I asked to myself who is this? I had to e-mail her, being a professional retoucher I wanted to have her in my portfolio! She wrote back to me quickly and from there on we have became good friends! For any photographer out there who is looking for a model with good skin, great body, amazing eyes and face... TARA is the ONE you are looking for!! Being a professional retoucher, I see Tara's un-edited images, and she is flawless. There's a flaw here and there, but who doesn't? Like I say about my Tara, if anything it's photoshop that needs her beauty!! As Tara's personal and ONLY retoucher, I never EVER "liquify" or "manipulate" Tara's body. Being her friend, I know how hard she works to be in the shape she is, so I respect every aspect of her body. What you see is what you get. So photographers out there, if you want to book the perfect model who you will want to book over and over, TARA IS YOUR CHOICE!"
-Marie-Claude Sabourin

"To the reader of this testimonial:"

"My expectations are very high when I shoot. I expect so much from myself and from my shoot partner. Tara exceeded all of my expectations. My shoot with Tara reminded me of how I felt when I was a little boy on Christmas morning. That anticipation of seeing what's under the tree, the joy of rushing down to open up various shiny, glittery packages. Yes my anticipation and excitement was all realized when Tara came down the elevator of her Hotel room and we met for the first time. She was glittery, glamorous, shiny and BEAUTIFUL. She made me happy like Christmas always did as a little boy. When you realize how mature she is , how business savvy and how kind she is, you forget how young this woman is. I admire her, respect her and am proud of her. She is an image makers dream yes, but beyond images she is a friend. OH AND she loves METAL and for that fact alone she has a truer heart than most. If you love this style of music then you know exactly what I mean. If you want to work with a professional, and there are so few of them, then I recommend her. She understands better than most her craft......."
-Dave Alan

"If you're in need of a model with a great attitude, beautiful appearance and friendly demeanor that takes her job and appearance professionally, Tara Babcock is the model you need to hire for the job. She has a great attitude and personality that portrays well through the camera as well as in personal appearances. If I only had one word to describe how terrific she is, I couldn't do it. See for yourself!"
-Mark Mozzier

"What can I say about Tara that has not already been said. Just look at her pictures and they say it all. She is man's dream. Not just every man's dream, but every photographers dream! Can I say wet dream? LOL Tara is a model every photographer needs to put on their list. She will add that final touch to your portfolio. I had the pleasure of working with her for two days. We shot for Strobe Magazine and she came out both days with a positive attitude, make up ready, perfect outfits, hair ready, and looking beautiful. The only negative thing that I have to say . . . . is that at the end of the two days she had to fly back home. : ( That was a very sad moment. Trust me that you'll want her to stay for a week. She is one of those models you can shoot for days and not get enough. So photographers be warned!! LOL Book her, shoot her and fall in love!"
-Rey Rodriguez
Wavehead Media / Strobe Magazine

"Every photographer has a personal list of "favorites" or "wish" list of models they would love to work with. And you will find Tara Babcock on every one of those list! She is the type of model that photographers aspire to work with. If she doesn't already top your list of models to work with, then put her at the top of your list, and make sure you book a shoot with her! Tara is a fantastic and fun model to work with and will raise your port to a new level! Make sure you bring lots of memory cards! ;)"
-Mike Prado

"Models come, models go, but Tara Babcock is a model that will leave a lasting impression with you. Beyond just the physical beauty she has the personality, charm and charisma to add that extra touch to everything she does. Yup, she got it all!"

"She is a hard working professional that is willing to go the extra mile to make the shot perfect."

"If you get a chance to work with her, I would strongly recommend it as she will bring attention to your product, event or designs that not many models can do."
-James Han

"Tara Babcock is a model you don't want to ever pass up shooting with! She has boundless energy, sexy curves that are a feast for the eyes and is a natural-born, hard-bodied model that will rock your world!"

" Tara's professionalism, great sense of humor and laid-back style are addictive! If you're looking for a model who looks even hotter in person and has beautiful, perfect skin, look no further. Photographers, book her now while you can!"
-Steve Cain

"Tara Babcock is:"
"On Time! :)"
"I've worked with Tara two times and both times I can't remember when I've had soooo much fun working with a model. Easy to get along with, takes direction well and has great ideas of her own. I HIGHLY recommend her to any photographer. She really can do anything. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, she just has a charisma about her that you don't find in other Models. Pure Delight!"
-Robert Alvarado

"I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Tara twice now. I was still an up-and-coming photographer the first time I shot with her, and she made me feel like a longtime best friend, of course the fact she is the only model on the planet that shares my love for underground prog metal bands like Redemption and Riverside and the more extreme bands like Amon Amarth and In Flames... my shoot with her basically helped put me on the map!"

"The second time, this past year, we both knew each other to the point where no matter what idea either of us experimented with it turned out excellent, and Tara is a true friend and cares about those she works with. Anyone who is looking for a model for a publication, catalog, any project, or anyone up-and-coming who wants to take their portfolio to the next level, I highly recommend Tara Babcock"
-Chris Rifkin

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