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  NEW (5) 4x6 Autographed Images Added
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TARA BABCOCK CAN EDIT! - High Quality Photo Retouching by Supermodel Tara Babcock
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Travel compensation, Pre-payment for projects and misc. other model-related charges
NOTICE!: ONLINE STORE IS BACK UP AND RUNNING! New look, new features, more products, more secure and convenient and a heck of a lot lower prices!

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Anywhere from 2-3 business days. Often I have to order prints or merchandise from the suppliers. Clothing from my shoots takes less time than posters and images, etc.

Q: How can I receive DISCREET PACKAGING?
A: After checking out, e-mail me at support@tarababcock.com with "discreet packaging" and there will be no logo markings on the packages. It will look very plain.

Q: Can my order be autographed personally?
A: All posters and images come autographed already. "I Heart Tara Babcock" Merchandise has an autographing option available HERE.

Q: Can I make special requests? Autographing images that are not on your store, special instructions for the clothing, and more?
A: Members of my site ONLY can ask for special requests. Send me an e-mail through my personal address and I will reply ASAP!

Q: I see a super hot outfit for sale, but I want you to keep it and continue to shoot in it... is this possible?
A: Yes! After your purchase, send an e-mail to:
I will still send you the autographed 4x6 as well as some images from my next shoot with the item via e-mail for being so kind!

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Donate Directly to Tara Babcock
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If you really wanna make me happy, send me some spending money!! Click the button below!

Thank you SO much in advance for ANY donations. They are more helpful than you can imagine! Life is expensive these days and so is building a brand, owning a business and finding extra money to stay sane! :P

NOTE: Yes, I have to pay transaction fees on DONATIONS, even! If you would like to help out with that expense, please add 14.5% to your donation. This can be done by calculation: Donation x 1.145 = TOTAL Donation! Easy! Thank you so much! :)
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