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Seattle, WA 98138

Wish List FAQ:
Q: Do the gifts go STRAIGHT to you?
A: Yes!

Q: Do I have to join tarababcock.com to give gifts or donations?
A: No way! Feel free to send an e-mail to support@tarababcock.com and I will thank you personally!

Q: Will you take images in/with the items I send you?
A: Yes! It's the least I can do! Just ask!

Q: How will I know if you've already received an item?
A: I remove the items as soon as I get them! No worries of duplications! (Unless duplications are desired, like with make-up.)

Q: Do you prefer surprises or would you like to know a gift is on the way?
A: Unless it is a donation, please let me know! This is because my P.O. box doesn't send me notifications. I have to check it! Annoying!

Q: I'm at the store and I see one of your wishes... do I have to order online or can I pick it up here and ship it myself?
A: Either! Whatever is easiest for you!

Wishing For / Links Information
If you really wanna make me happy, send me some spending money!! Click the button below!

Thank you SO much in advance for ANY donations. They are more helpful than you can imagine! Life is expensive these days and so is building a brand, owning a business and finding extra money to stay sane! :P

* As with any purchase on here, you may donate the amount of money and add a note detailing what you would like to purchase if it seems too complicated through the item link! I guarantee any money specifically donated will go where directed! :)
My Amazon Wishlist!
I caved and made one, as it seems most of you are more comfortable going through Amazon! Now you have options! :)
Smart Car
Wanna buy me a dream car and help me get my other car ready for the showroom, but don't have $25,000 - $45,000 to spend? Buy me the ADORABLE Smart Car! I've always wanted one of these and their small size, speediness and super high safety rating (one of the highest!) makes it PERFECT for me! Prices starting at $12,000! :)

Model: fortwo passion coupe
Color: Your choice! I prefer a BLACK TRIDION CELL, though!
Add-ons: No leather seating, please! Make sure it has A/C and a Hard roof would be nice. Not too fond of convertibles!

* You may donate the amount of money and add a note detailing what you would like to purchase if it seems too complicated through the site! I guarantee the money will go where directed! :)
Fred Meyer Gift Card
Help me out with groceries and stuff! :) Fred Meyer is where I buy all of my groceries! My veggies and fruit for juicing, sprouted grain bread, Amy's Kitchen vegan meals, artificial egg whites and more! I even get some of my cheaper make-up there!

Helping me pay for my groceries, as well as donating to help me pay my bills, is something I will keep close to my heart. It really helps out!!
Gilly Hicks Gift Card
A new favorite store of mine! Similar to Hollister and Abercrombie, same parent company and all, except they have a whole library of sexy bras and panties and a lot of cute outfits all from Sydney, Australia! Koalas rock!

Remember, shopping is one of my absolute FAVORITE pass times and with all the expenses, investments and debt I don't get to do it much anymore! This would make it possible! :)
Hollister Gift Card
One of my favorite places to shop! I love Hollister and shopping makes me happy and lets off any stress I may have! Plus, you get to see me in hot new clothes! :D
Abercrombie and Fitch Gift Card
There's nothing I love more than clothes from one of my favorite stores! :)
Website URL
I love most of MAC's products! MAC Cosmetics is a CRUELTY FREE company! I'm always in need of more make up for shoots and event and I eventually want to have a large enough collection to be a make-up artist... for someone other than myself! Make-up is my art!
Game Stop Gift Card
"Give the Gift of Games!" -Game Stop

I am a total nerd and LOVE video games! Make me smile and help me get all of the newest, most bad ass video games and accessories! :P
GNC Gift Card
It's VERY important to me to stay in shape! Helping me get supplements, vitamins and accessories from GNC is definitely a great way to show how you appreciate me, my body and my hard work!
Wicked Temptations Gift Card
Wicked Temptations is my favorite lingerie and swimwear company! I am in need of more lingerie, etc. to use in my shoots!

Donate to The Humane Society of the United States!
I am an avid animal rights advocate and I believe that all living beings, and not just the domesticated ones, should have the same rights that we do! We have the power to help the creatures of the world! :)

Contact me with proof that you donated and receive a FREE 8x10 autographed image of me, just to reward you for being a hero! :)
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